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Del Norte Gun Club

The Del Norte Gun Club (DNGC) is a world-class recreational shooting facility located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA (The Land of Enchantment). More detailed information about DNGC can be viewed on our website.  In short our goals are:

  • To provide the opportunity for members and guests to learn firearms safety.
  • To become comfortable with firearms and have a place to shoot them for fun or competition.
  • To provide access to the associated training for proper firearms safety, and to provide a wide variety of range facilities that are of common interest to recreational shooters.

The range is women- and family-friendly, and our handicapped accessibility is constantly improving.

The range facilities include:
  • Shotgun Ranges - largest in the state
  • Sporting Clays Courses
  • Trap
  • Skeet
  • Five Stand
  • Archery Range (known distance and 3-D)
  • General Rifle Range (2 positions at 25-yards, 45 positions at 100-yards, 5 positions at 200-yards and 5 positions at 300-yards).
  • 1000-yard Rifle Range (special certification required)
  • Pistol Ranges (Known Distance range for 10, 25 and 50 yards and close-in bays)
  • Training Facility (NRA-certified instructors)
  • RV Park (Power and Water hook up with on site pump station.)

Additionally, we have monthly registered sporting-clays shoots and have hosted regional and state shoots, as well. We do catered corporate events, and have regularly scheduled events for the following:
  • Action Rimfire
  • Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)
  • Cowboy Action
  • F-Class
  • High Power
  • IDPA
  • Tactical Rifle

The entire property is fenced (nearly five miles of fencing). Only Del Norte Gun Club Members and those specifically authorized by the Board have a key to the gate. Any other person who wants to visit the facility will have to be accompanied by the Range Officer or come as the guest of a club member.

For more information view the website, or contact the respective persons for each department.

You can take a look at the current weather at the range here.